15 Real-World Stats that Prove Digital Signage Works

Digital signage works – and we can prove it. It engages more people than email, print or static signs. Messages, news, videos and alerts are delivered instantly and reliably to engage viewers, motivate action and drive change. We’ve put together a list of 15 real-world stats taken from a variety of studies proving the effectiveness of digital signs in a range of settings.

  • Visual information is faster
  • Digital media reaches more customers
  • People say digital signage captures their attention
  • Digital signs has high recall, retention and effectiveness rates
  • Companies and schools rely on digital signage
  • Communication pros use digital signage for organizational communications
  • Screens reduce perceive wait times and workplace injuries
  • People want to more about what they’ve seen

Since we all walk around with screens in our pockets, we’re used to looking to them for our information. With interactive displays (using touch, voice and gesture technology) coming down in price, it’s easier than ever to duplicate the smartphone experience on large screens. Just keep it attractive, stimulating and engaging, and always keep the audience in mind.

Wondering how digital signage can help your organization? Contact us. In the meantime, download our handy infographic with these impressive stats that prove digital signage works:

Download the free infographic: 15 Real-World Stats that Prove Digital Signage Works

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