12 Important Facts about Employee Recognition

Studies show that employee recognition drives engagement and increases financial performance. You can use digital signage to highlight achievements and boost morale. Here are 12 statistics that show why employee recognition matters…

  1. 35% of employees don’t think their employers care about them as a team member or person
  2. Engagement plummets to 2% among teams with managers who ignore their employees, compared 61% for teams led by managers who focus on strengths
  3. 91% of workers say they feel motivated to do their best when they have leadership support
  4. 75% of employees receiving at least monthly recognition (even if informal) are satisfied with their job
  5. Employees who believe their managers can name their strengths are 71% more likely to feel engaged and energized
  6. 68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs
  7. 67% of employees are happier and more productive when managers focus on the positive aspects of their performance
  8. Employees who report feeling valued by their employer are 60% more likely motivated to do their very best for their employer
  9. 27% of workers strongly agree that the feedback they currently receive helps them do their work better
  10. 26% of Millennials say recognition motivates them to do their best at work
  11. When asked which recognition initiative has the biggest impact on employee engagement, HR pros cited: performance awards (33%), anniversary awards (20%)
  12. Nearly one-third of employees would rather be recognized in a company-wide email from an executive than receive a bonus of $500

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Download the free infographic: 12 Important Facts About Employee Recognition

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