12 Employee Motivators for Digital Signs

Digital signs are great employee motivators. If you’re struggling for content ideas, why not concentrate on boosting morale on a regular basis with these 12 ideas:

  • Motivational quotes
    • Lots of websites have quotes by topic, keyword, originator, etc.
    • Crowdsource it. Ask your audience to submit their favorite quotes.
  • Welcome to the team
  • Employee recognition
    • You can find something to highlight for every single employee.
    • This can be as simple as posting birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Kudos
    • Congratulate people at the company, team or individual level.
    • Democratize it and create a system for peer-to-peer accolades.
  • Gamification
    • Get people involved in their own goal setting in a fun framework.
    • Create some friendly internal competitions with contests and rewards.
  • Dashboards and data
    • Data visualizations are faster to read and make data more meaningful.
    • Show progress to goals with auto-updating visuals like ribbons and thermometers.
  • Mission, values & culture
    • Transparency and trust are very important to today’s employees.
    • Explain how they fit into and impact your mission, values and culture.
  • Health and wellbeing
    • Post safety and health tips and encourage breaks.
    • Let people know you care about their wellbeing as much as their workflow.
  • Benefits reminders
    • Remind people about benefits, perks and other available services.
    • Show them there’s more to their workplace than a paycheck.
  • Professional development
    • Advertise support for education, certifications and other PD opportunities.
    • People appreciate that you’re adding to their skill set and career opportunities.
  • Trivia and fun facts
    • Fun breaks aren’t just appreciated but necessary for mental health.
    • Trivia, jokes and other fun facts are great to draw attention and lighten the mood.
  • Events
    • Don’t just show schedules; create some buzz and anticipation with a campaign.
    • Promote the event beforehand and show highlights afterward.

If you want more details about employee motivators, listen to our podcast episode here.

Download our free infographic for 12 ideas for Employee Motivators on digital signs.