10 Steps to Planning a Digital Signage System

Planning a digital signage system is crucial before you buy a single component. It’s not enough to just tackle technology, although that’s an important part. The goal of any digital signage solution is audience engagement. So, you’ll need to figure out who your audience is, what’s important to them, what you’ll show on screens, who’ll create it, where exactly your messages will go, and how you’ll manage both content and the physical system. Putting your goals and plans on paper with a full team of stakeholders will ensure that your system meets all of your needs and has champions to make sure it succeeds.

The more you can cover in advance, the fewer surprises, delays and unexpected costs you’ll have down the road. Walk through each step of planning a digital signage system:

  • Build your team
  • Outline goals
  • Imagine daily use
  • Plan your content
  • Consider creative
  • Outline policies
  • Map out your screens
  • Check the specs
  • Write a project plan
  • Consider a pilot

Need some advice on how to plan your digital signage solution? We can help.  In the meantime, here are ten steps that will help you get started:

Download our infographic: 10 Steps to Planning Your Digital Signage System

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