Digital Signage Price Guide

Every system and digital signage deployment is different, so it’s hard to give a standard digital signage price. There are many factors that can impact outlay, including how big the initial system is and whether future system expansion has been considered. In our guide, we’ll give you all of the options for features and financing that might affect your purchase.

Getting the content management software is easy and there are lots of options – perpetual, building and site licenses, or subscription – for either on-premise or hosted (cloud). For large deployments, a site license could save a large enterprise campus as much as 40% over the life of the deployment.

But deciding how to budget for digital signage hardware might be more complicated. Our integration partners can provide you with a complete solution – displays, mounts, infrastructure and more – and you can finance that entire solution in a way best suits your budget.

Read the guide to answer common questions: How much does digital signage cost? What equipment do I have to buy? What’s the best payment option for my digital signage system? What if I need help with design or training? What are the long-term costs? We’ll walk you through it step by step:

  • How Much Does AxisTV Cost?
  • Purchase Options
  • Financing
  • Building Your AxisTV System
  • Professional Services
  • Don’t Forget About Maintenance
  • How to Get a Quote