10 Automated Messages You Should Be Showing on Your Digital Signs

Automated content is a term we use for messages or ticker feeds that update all on their own. Things like news, weather, webpages and event schedules can be set up one time to always show the latest data on digital signs. These are a great timesaver to ease the burden on your communications team, so they aren’t always having to create new content. Automated messages are also engaging for viewers, because they always get the most current information.

Day and date – this is a great way to get people to look at screens at least once a day (and usually more), so they’re sure to see your other important announcements.

Current time – just like the day and date, people checking your screens often to see what time it is will see your other onscreen messages.

News headlines – people want to know what’s happening in real time, so give them what they want with news-in-pictures, headlines in tickers and more.

Weather – show current weather or the forecast by pulling in data for your zip code paired with stylish, modern icons.

Event schedules – this is the most popular thing that people want to show on screens, so tap into your calendar app and automate your events.

Financial data – stay abreast of market moves on particular stocks or overall trends from several exchanges with attractive data visualizations.

RSS feeds – just about anything on the web today can be exported as an RSS feed, which is a great way to pull in current (and usually free) content.

Social media – if you have a company or school page, you can show posts on screens to drum up more participation on social networks.

Data tables – pull in data from Excel, XML or JSON files; simply format the data how you like on screen and then update at the source from then on.

Webpages – if you’re already posting to a website, or you have an industry site your teams need to follow, simply point to it and show it on screen.

If you’d like help with digital signage content, we’re here to help. In the meantime, check out our infographic for ten easy digital signage content sources:

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