Digital Signage Content Ideas and Sources

You have a digital signage system, So now what? You have to keep your screens compelling to attract attention, and that can be a challenge. No matter how sophisticated your system and how committed the people are who run it, it’s easy to get into a rut, particularly if your organization has limited access to creative professionals like graphic and AV designers. Even if you do have a great digital signage team, it can be hard to come up with good digital signage content ideas and sources on a daily basis.

This is a real risk because content that’s stale is highly conspicuous on digital signs, and can undermine your investment. If people tune out because the same thing has been on screen for three days, you may not get them back. Your viewers need to rely on your screens for communications, and they won’t do that if you don’t show something relevant and new.

It’s always important to consider a communications strategy before you create any content. You need to understand the motivations behind audience participation, and how that might apply to your digital signage program. That will help you determine the type of content you need, when and where you should show particular messages, and what type of calls to action will get your audience to respond.

Seeking out new sources for content can keep your screens engaging and new long past its initial launch. Instead of always having to start from scratch, why not gather content in advance – curate it – so you have a stockpile to draw from when you need ideas? Content curation is simply finding, compiling, and presenting groups of content organized by subject matter. As you find interesting articles, videos, graphics, blogs, quotes – anything online that might be of interest to your viewers – gather it together by topic and store it for later reference.

Or, you may not realize how much ready-made digital signage content you have available to you. With a little sleuthing and cooperation from organizational teams, you can mold existing resources into content that’s dynamic for your audience and a timesaver for you.

In this white paper, we’ll give you lots of ideas to keep your signs compelling:

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