Visix Booth 2942 | InfoComm 2023

June 14-16, 2023 | Orange County Convention Center | Orlando, FL

Communication & Collaboration: Hand in Hand

As more organizations move toward a hybrid office model, we’re adapting our technologies and services to match flexible work needs. We’re here to help you improve both communication and collaboration in your workplace or on your campus.

Our digital signage software and creative designs let you engage and communicate with employees, students and customers inside and outside of the office, while our space booking solutions give you lots of options to show schedules, book rooms and manage shared spaces.

Scroll down to learn more about what we’re showing at IC23:

  • Choros AR Booking: space booking on a phone with no app to download
  • EPS 42 Epaper desk signs: show reservations for any shared space
  • Epaper & Interactive Room Signs: three ways to show room schedules
  • Free VIP exhibit hall pass: grab free snacks and drinks at the show
  • BrightSign player support: affordable playback options added to our lineup
  • AxisTV Signage Suite CMS: lots of new features and enhancements
  • Interactive wayfinding, directories, donor boards and more

NEW: Choros AR Space Booking

We’ll unveil our new Choros space booking platform at IC23. This disruptive new technology supplants room signs by letting users book spaces using the camera on their smartphones without an app, saving the considerable cost and installation workload associated with room sign deployments.

  • Get all the features of a room sign without the expense
  • No special hardware required; no apps to download
  • Let people book spaces using their own device (BYOD)
  • Uses native AR smartphone tech and simple QR codes
  • See availability, schedules, capacity, amenities and more
  • Book, extend and end reservations on your smartphone
  • Search for and book other available spaces on the spot
  • Eliminate slow webpage and app authentication services
  • Integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to avoid double bookings
  • Reduce waste and energy consumption for sustainability
Fast, contactless space booking on your own phone for meeting rooms and other shared spaces. Winner of AV Technology 2023 Best of InfoComm Show

*Patent Pending

Epaper desk signs make workspace reservations easy for a more efficient hybrid workplace.

NEW: EPS 42 Epaper Desk Sign

We’ll demo our EPS 42 epaper desk sign for the first time at InfoComm 2023. This pocket-sized E Ink sign is a convenient, affordable solution to show reservations for any shared space in hybrid offices.

  • Show desk availability and upcoming reservations right at the workspace
  • Easily mount on desks, workstations, partitions, walls and glass
  • Affordable, wireless and battery-powered for three years or more
  • Display QR codes to let people book and check in at the sign
  • Black, red and white ink for onscreen text, logos, QR codes, etc.

See just how adaptable these small screens are in booth 2942!

Three Ways to Show Schedules

Take control of your shared spaces. Our epaper and interactive signs let you manage spaces more effectively by showing reservations from your own booking system. Whether you’re looking to display desk reservations and room schedules, or want to deploy a fully interactive room sign solution, we’ve got you covered.

Get a walkthrough of all of our room signs in booth 2942 at InfoComm 2023!

Use epaper room signs to show schedules outside conference rooms, office hoteling, collab spaces and more


Our electronic paper signs are the most cost-effective option to display current schedules outside your shared spaces.

Connect digital conference room signs from Visix let you show schedules from your calendar app and manage bookings at the sign


Our interactive room signs give you a feature-rich, cost-effective scheduling solution that doesn’t require our CMS.

Touch interactive meeting room signs show schedules from your own calendar app, along with messages and alerts


Extend your digital signage to meeting areas and customize the display of your event data on these interactive signs.

Free Stuff

Register for InfoComm using VIP code VIS465 for a FREE exhibit hall pass June 14-16.
Be sure to stop by Visix booth 2942 to say hello and grab free coffee, water, soft drinks and snacks throughout the event.

NEW: Support for BrightSign Players

We’ll preview AxisTV Signage Suite support for BrightSign players at IC23. The upcoming release of our AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software lets clients design and publish presentations for BrightSign players from within our CMS, making it even easier to launch and expand digital signage deployments.

  • Affordable, reliable players added to the Visix ecosystem
  • Support for BrightSign Series 5, Series 4, HD, XD and XT players
  • Easily provisioned using Control Cloud
  • Seamless playback of landscape and portrait designs in multiple aspect ratios
  • Can mix BrightSign and Visix players in the same deployment

Stop by booth 2942 to see BrightSign playback in action!

Visix digital signage software will allow users to design and publish presentations for BrightSign Series 5, Series 4, HD, XD and XT players from within the AxisTV Signage Suite CMS.

AxisTV Signage Suite lets you create, manage and deliver dynamic visual communications across your organization.

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.65

See the latest release of our enterprise digital signage software with enhanced data integration and visualization options, analytics and more.

  • CBORD widget to pull and display data from NetMenu
  • New and improved webpage and web image widgets
  • Expanded display and two-way booking options for calendar widgets
  • Support for Everbridge CAP RSS feeds for alerts
  • Expanded SAML options for cloud clients
  • Announcements hub for admin messaging to designers
  • HTML5 publisher to reach remote employees and students
  • Designer, UI and workflow enhancements

Come to InfoComm booth 2942 to get a quick demo of new features!

Award-Winning Interactive

We’ll show off some of our award-winning interactive designs at IC23. Our designers can craft interactive experiences inside AxisTV Signage Suite software, from affordable templated packages or as custom HTML5 projects. Let us create an immersive experience for your audience.

  • Wayfinding, directories, alumni boards and more
  • SMS options for sending directions to phones
  • QR codes to view the entire interactive project in your hand
  • Touch and voice interfaces for contactless/ADA interaction
  • Easy updates via web-based directories

Interact with our award-winning touchscreen designs in booth 2942!

Make your displays impossible to ignore. Let our award-winning designers craft beautiful interactive content for your screens.