Why Digital Signage Training is Important

Although our software is easy to use, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to pull it out of a box and have digital signage in a few clicks. Digital signage is part of two systems – technology and communications. To be successful in both arenas, you need to take advantage of our digital signage training options.

On the technical side, you’ll need direction to get the software installed and configured for daily use. Even if you’re an experienced IT professional, each deployment is unique and requires a little guidance.

On the communications side, you have to start with a plan before you implement your digital signage.

To choose which software features you want to use, and learn how to use them to their fullest potential, you’ll need to know what you want to show and who is doing what on your digital signage system. Once you know this, you can choose the training options that are right for you and make sure the right people are signed up for the right courses.

We offer a training subscription that covers all of the different “how to” details for various user roles. Depending on whether someone is a system administrator, content manager or approver, the features and tools they need to learn are different. If you’re a one-stop shop and plan to do it all, you’ll have access to all of the training courses.

We offer one year of unlimited access to our complete set of online training courses for your whole organization because:

  • You may want to take a course more than once to refresh your knowledge
  • You may not be able to coordinate your team’s schedule for a one-time class
  • You may add new users over time who will need introductory training
  • As you apply software updates, you’ll want training on new features

Our training subscription also includes a two-hour custom online session to answer any outstanding questions you may have. If you prefer on-site training or consulting services, we’re happy to come to your facility.

Our trainers can offer advice, not only on the technical features of your software, but in best practices for policies, naming conventions, design techniques, ROI measurement and audience engagement. Why not take advantage of our experience to help make your digital signage a success?