6 Tips for Training New AxisTV Users

At some point, you’re likely to have to provide some training to new users of your AxisTV digital signage software. Here are some tips from Visix Software Trainers to get you started:

1. Start your software training with the familiar
One of the ways you can help new AxisTV users get acclimated to the software is to start with familiar tools and concepts. Starting by teaching users how to import content they already have created or can create in familiar applications helps ease their fear of having to learn a lot of new tools right away and serves as a gentle introduction to a new way of doing things.

2. Introduce concepts one at a time
There’s a lot to learn in a new software application. Take your time and organize the information you want to share in concept blocks. When teaching importing, for example, show all the different ways to import content and how they can be used effectively. Then, move on to another concept block such as creating a text-only message in the CMS.

3. Show real world examples

It helps users to see how they can utilize a new software tool when you demonstrate how to create the types of messages they might create in their environment. So if you are training bank employees, create messages about CDs and checking accounts to help them envision the type of messaging they could create. If you’re training university employees or students, show them how to schedule content on a schedule they may already be familiar with such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.

4. Create silly content
Creating silly content like announcements for a pizza party on the moon can help lighten the mood and lift some of the stress that can interfere with learning something new.

5. Observe your audience carefully

Take note of signs of stress and anxiety. Often new users feel intimidated when learning a new software tool. This can be for a variety of reasons ranging from feeling overwhelmed about learning a new software tool to the training taking place when they have a big project they’ve got to get back to right away. Being sensitive to their concerns will help make the training environment less stressful.

6. Take your time and follow-up
Speak slowly and distinctly. Offer snack and restroom breaks if the training session is more than 90 minutes long. Break the training up into smaller, more manageable concept “bites”. Give your users time to process what was covered then follow-up in a few weeks to see whether or not they have any questions or concerns.

Of course, if you need a little more help than this, our Visix Trainers can lend a hand. Contact us at support@visix.com.