Digital Sign Hardware Trade-In Program

As we discussed in our previous post about Hardware Considerations for Software Updates, older digital sign hardware needs to be upgraded to prevent slow, degraded performance and support new operating systems used to underpin system operation.

At Visix, we have a hardware trade-in program to help. This is especially relevant for clients who are stuck on XP, which is no longer supported by Windows or AxisTV versions higher than v.8.1.

Our program allows clients with a Software Support & Maintenance Subscription to upgrade components at a greatly reduced cost. Customers who take advantage of this program receive new digital sign hardware with the latest version of Visix software pre-installed.

We can also help you transfer the content and configuration from your legacy system. Depending on the software version, we may be able to retrieve and transfer all of the data needed with a simple web session. Items that can be transferred include:

  • Content – All of your content can be transferred from your existing content manager to the upgraded content manager.
  • IP Address – IP Address information assigned to your content manager or media players can be transferred to the upgraded unit for an easy transition.
  • Computer Name – Whether the default name is in place you’ve renamed it, this can be transferred to the new content manager or media player.

Visix can’t transfer all information, though. For example:

  • Domain Membership – You’ll need to complete this step because a domain administrator has to input a password to join a domain.
  • Group Policies – Group policies won’t be transferred. However, you can reapply them.
  • User Installed Software – Third-party software that’s installed on the content manager or media players can’t be transferred and will need to be re-installed by your team.

If you’d like to take advantage of our hardware trade-in program, and don’t have a support subscription, you can learn more about the benefits here.

If you have a support agreement, and would like to update your hardware, just contact your local rep or reseller, or contact us here.

We’re also happy to consult with you on your individual system needs. If you’re interested in an assessment that addresses the specific advantages of upgrading either your software or hardware, contact us here.