Hardware Considerations for Digital Signage Software Updates

If you’re planning digital signage software updates, don’t forget to also update your hardware. We often encounter clients who want to apply the latest software update, but their hardware is older and maybe the new software won’t work as optimally as it should. Hardware considerations also have to be factored into your plan.

Trying to force old components to run newer applications can cause operability problems for software, hardware and network functionality. Both digital signage hardware and software need to undated regularly so everything runs as smoothly as possible. Try and imagine running a modern computer OS like Windows 10 on an old Commodore 64 – there’s just no way that would work. Or think of trying to still use Windows XP for an entire education or corporate campus.

We know that large implementations could take some time to update, so Visix is here to help you bridge gaps in service while you update older hardware.

Things you should take into consideration for content manager hardware and media players include:

  • Windows server
  • Windows operating system
  • Memory
  • Processors
  • Usable drive space
  • Motherboard

Check the specs of the newest version of the software, and see if you can wrangle your hardware into shape so they can use it. If not, it might be time to start replacing that hardware with newer machines. We also offer a hardware trade-in program that could end up saving you both time and money. We also have Hardware as a Service if you want to pay for your hardware with a simple subscription instead of an outright purchase.

Visix can provide imaged hardware or you can configure our software on your own components. If you need to purchase new hardware, you can see information about our content manager and media players here.