Show Beautiful Weather on Digital Signs

Weather is the second most popular piece of content you can put on your screens. (The first is date and time.) Everyone wants to know what the forecast is, and digital signage weather is a perfect way to engage your audience and attract attention to screens so your audience sees your important messages.

One of the main advantages of putting weather in your playlist is that it creates auto-updating digital signage messages, so you only have to format it once and then it will update all on its own forever.

Weather is easy to integrate into AxisTV Signage Suite. Simple drag-and-drop widgets for current conditions and forecasts let you create both auto-updating messages and tickers. You can also place weather widgets right on your overall screen layout, if you want it to be visible all the time.

For a message, you simply choose your background, drag the weather widget onto the canvas, select the weather elements you want to show, and choose from black, white or color icons. After a little text formatting, your message is done and ready to be scheduled.

The weather ticker pulls the same data, and follows the same process without the background selection.

If you want to add weather widgets to your layout, it’s just as easy. Drag the widgets over, choose your zip code and items to show, select an icon set, and your weather will automatically update without you having to touch it ever again.

Why not show beautiful, localized weather data on your digital signage to engage viewers and maximize the impact of your messages?

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