Save Time with Auto-Updating Digital Signage Messages

We’ve talked about how to create original messages, but why not save yourself some work with auto-updating digital signage content?

Visix digital signage software offers a number of auto-updating message formats that you can use to show recurring data or external sources. Audiences are almost always interested in current weather, news, traffic and events – and all of these can be created as a message just once, and then auto-update as conditions change.

Here are some of our most popular auto-updating options that can save you time and effort:


A Weather Message is a template that you set up using the background of your choice, choosing the weather data you want to show, and formatting it on the message. Once you’ve set this up, it will always show the most current data from the weather source you’re pulling from (Praedictix, AccuWeather, NOAA, etc.). You can also set up an auto-updating ticker to show current weather data.


Like the Weather Message, the drag-and-drop widget that pulls in the data for News Messages will be configured by your AxisTV system administrator. Once that’s done, you can simply pick your background and format the news to your liking. You’ll be able to choose from the news sources that your administrator has made available, and, again, you can also set up an auto-updating ticker to show current news.

Event Schedule

The Event Schedule Message lets you share scheduling information for conference rooms, meetings, classes, and other events. This works just like the previous options – setting up a template with the background and schedule data you want to show. AxisTV integrates easily with the most popular scheduling applications, like:

  • Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365
  • EMS Software
  • R25/25Live by CollegeNET
  • Delphi by Newmarket
  • Text file import

Graphic Link

The Graphic Link option lets you link out to an image somewhere else on your network or on the web. That graphic becomes your message. Use this option for images that update frequently, like:

  • Traffic camera images
  • Weather maps
  • Images based on database information (sports statistics or poll results)

Web Page Message

This is similar to Graphic Link, but instead of linking to just an image, you can use Web Page Message to show an entire web page. This is a great way to keep your audience up-to-date on what’s happening on your external and internal web sites or social media pages.

As always, the key to engaging your audience is to give them information they can use – information they will seek out on a regular basis. That way, they’ll keep coming back to your screens to stay informed. Using auto-updating messages will ensure that you always have relevant, appealing content on your screens.