Thanks Patrons with Interactive Donor Boards

Many organizations depend on donations. Whether they’re funding healthcare research or educational initiatives, supporting the arts, or supporting community programs, the generosity of your benefactors should be recognized and celebrated. Interactive donor boards are a perfect way to do it.

Display your appreciation in a modern, engaging way by using touchscreens to tell your story. Because interactive donor boards allow multiple screens and options, you can include a variety of information to promote your programs and thank those who’ve played a part in your success. Include your mission statement, financial and outreach opportunities, as well as donor information on your touchscreens.

Interactive donor boards can be created in any format and theme that you like. Your design should be as unique as your donors. Also, recognizing donors using a dynamic, modern touchscreen will draw attention to the board, which helps out in advertising your needs and acting as a recruiting system for future donors. And it’s much cheaper than updating expensive plaques or printed signs.

Show donor contributions, bios, videos and messages so your stakeholders can really get to know who’s supporting them. If you like, you can even build in a contribution/payment system into the screen that includes a digital thank you note for those who donate right on the spot.

Your interactive donor board can be as small as a content block, or as large as a touchscreen video wall. You can incorporate it into a standard digital signage layout with an interactive playlist, or use a hot spot to launch a full-screen presentation. You can also build a completely custom design.

We recommend using a database to feed your donor board. It can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet or XML file, or you can use a customized web interface. This lets you access your data without getting into the code of the touchscreen project, so you can quickly update information on all screens at once.