Easy Webpage Messages for Digital Signs

You’ve already put in lots of time making a beautiful website with tons of informative things on it – so why duplicate your work by making messages with the same information for your digital signage? Simply capture any online content as webpage messages and feed them directly to your screens.

Using simple software design tools, you can crop around any part of a web page and that bit becomes its own digital signage message for your content block. Share anything that’s on your homepage, or any part of your website. Add important or recent intranet pages for internal communications – that way you can be sure that people have seen the latest news in your organization.

Web-based collaboration sites like SharePoint can also be, well, shared, on your displays. And online calendars, like Google Calendar, can be configured to display upcoming events, and important dates and deadlines, around your facility.

You can also create webpages with special offers – maybe a discount at the café, or special sale titles in the bookstore. Short-term specials like these are perfect for the immediacy of digital signage.

Go beyond your own online presence by displaying local traffic maps, with real-time updates, so people can plan their commutes. Adding public transportation maps and schedules reaches those who didn’t drive that day, and might even encourage them to leave the car at home next time.

Displaying weather maps and forecasts from NOAA or other public websites lets people know what’s coming and allows them to prepare accordingly.

Energy dashboards can be displayed simultaneously on the web and your digital screens. Showing things like current electricity and water consumption keeps conservation in people’s minds.

Webpage messages showing your social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., lets people see the latest posts and their own responses immediately on digital signs.

Any app data that can be published to the web can also be displayed on your screens – things like call center dashboards, digital café menus, room schedules and even wayfinding maps.

There are over 1.7 billion websites on the world wide web today. You just need to choose what you want to show, point your digital signage software to it, and share it on your displays. That’s digital signage content made easy.