Show Your SharePoint on Digital Signage Screens

We’ve talked about webpage messages before. But, did you know you can also show your secure SharePoint site on your digital signage?

SharePoint is a web-based portal from Microsoft that lets teams collaborate, share and manage their documents, calendars, tasks and other info in one place. Some organizations use this as their intranet, while others use it for specific projects and events. It’s a terrific tool that lets a virtually unlimited number of people work together and sync their efforts using the most recent versions of data and documents.

You can use SharePoint tools right out of the box, develop the code to your specific needs (if you have a web developer on staff), or add apps that expand how you can view and share data.

Since SharePoint is online, you can show it as a webpage message in your AxisTV playlist. Imagine the possibilities of what you can share on your signs:

  • Any document in your SharePoint library
  • Executive summaries and reports
  • Event and project calendars
  • Dashboards for data visualizations
  • Statistics and goal progress
  • Timelines and accomplishments
  • Project updates or task lists
  • Articles and announcements

Webpages are a great source for auto-updating digital signage messages. You only have to set up your SharePoint access, and then format the message one time in your playlist. After that, any changes made on your SharePoint site will automatically show up on your screens in real time. This eases the burden on your digital signage content creators, so they don’t have to pull data and design messages to show what you’ve already built or stored online.

Keep in mind that all the standard design rules still apply. Don’t try to show a SharePoint webpage or document with lots of text or detail that’s hard to read in a small content block or on screens mounted high up. Dashboards and graphs tend to make the best SharePoint messages because they use color and imagery to get across a lot of information at a glance.