Digital Signage Hot Spots: Why You Should be Using Them

Touchscreens are becoming ubiquitous in convention centers, transportation hubs, and on college and corporate campuses. You don’t have to consider interactive wayfinding, directories or other touchscreen designs separately from your digital signage for organizational communications. AxisTV lets you insert digital signage hot spots so your standard layout can switch to an interactive kiosk mode.

As many as 75% of digital signage prospects ask us for full-screen kiosk support. This means they want to use one display to show their daily announcements in multiple zones, with a layout option that switches over to a touchscreen kiosk which fills the entire screen.

A hot spot is simply an interactive button that people press to switch from the standard layout to the kiosk mode. You just insert an image into a separate content block in your layout and designate the target you want it to point to. This requires a touchscreen display, but it means that you don’t have to design all of your content to be interactive, or double up on your display purchases. By using a single display for both daily announcements and an interactive kiosk, you get twice the real estate for your money.

Digital Signage hot spots can also offer player actions – such as stop or reboot – for easy player maintenance, but most clients want the screen to switch to an interactive application. Common kiosk applications are room booking, queuing management, interactive wayfinding, and point-of-sale systems.

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