Show Digital Queuing Systems on Electronic Signage

One of the greatest benefits of digital signage is that it shows information in real-time. If you have a digital queuing system, showing that data on screens can decrease perceived wait times and improve the overall experience for your audience.

Why make people stand in line when they could be sitting comfortably and checking signs for progress? Show the current tickets being served, who’s up next, and which counters or workstations are free and busy.

Take advantage of different zones on the screen to show ads and messages alongside queuing data to inform viewers about services and promotions they can take advantage of when they get to the counter.

Digital queuing systems on large screens offer a host of benefits over the old ticket and call system:

Increased efficiency for service providers

Your team can better manage and serve customers if the queue is managed more accurately. Because updates to the queue are real-time, they can see instantly as people check in or drop out.

Decreased wait times for customers

Because your team can manage resources more quickly and easily, it will speed up the queuing process and delivery of services.

Decrease in perceived wait time

If you’re serving up interesting content alongside your queuing information, your audience will be entertained instead of bored, and their wait time will seem to pass faster.

Increased engagement

You have a relatively captive audience in waiting areas, so this is a perfect opportunity to show important messages and organizational communications that you need people to see and remember. Remember, engagement is the goal.

Increased purchases

If your queuing system is for a retail area, advertising products on the screens alongside queuing status can stimulate impulse purchases. Even if it’s not a retail environment, you can inspire people to take advantages of services at the counter that they might not have on their own.

If you’re using touchscreens or interactive kiosks, you can let your clients open up your queuing application and enter themselves into the virtual line. This is a great opportunity to include interactive wayfinding, personnel directories and selectable product and service information. It’s also a fun way for your clients to pass their time while waiting.