The Cure for Engaging Everyone in Your Hospital

Hospital Communications

The people that fill your hospital each day couldn’t be more different. There are surgeons, physicians, nurses and lab technicians. You have administrative staff, marketing teams and visiting patrons. And, of course, there are the countless patients and visitors that come and go each day. This poses the question: how do you deliver effective hospital communications that will engage every person in your hospital?

Surprisingly, the solution is simple – digital signage. Bright, dynamic screens can either supplement or supplant email, bulletin boards and intranets to reinforce your important announcements. Use digital signage throughout your facility to streamline your hospital communications and deliver the right messages, to the right audience, at the right time.

Get Their Attention

No matter who you’re trying to reach, they have to have easy access to your communications, and they have to notice them. For hospital-wide communications, place digital screens in high-traffic areas of the facility like lobbies, waiting rooms, cafeterias, elevator banks and other meeting points.

To reach your staff with internal communications, mount displays in offices, break rooms and training facilities. Where do doctors walk by each day? Do nurses have to check in before starting rounds? Find the common gathering points and exploit them.

Once you have your screens in the right place, be sure to keep what’s on them fresh and engaging to grab attention. Include the date and time, weather forecasts and breaking news to attract viewers, so they’ll check screens frequently and see your other messages.

Target Your Messages

The best digital signage systems let you send messages to a single screen or to every display in the hospital. Need nurses to know something? Send the message only to their break room. Want visitors to see a gift shop advertisement? Send a message to the lobby. Is there a thunderstorm warning? Send the alert to every screen.

User-friendly digital signage software lets you design your messages, choose where to show them, and schedule how long they should play – all from one desktop. Not only does this get the right message to the right audience, it saves your communications team time and effort.

Improve the Experience

Visitors to your hospital can often be confused, stressed or overwhelmed. You can greatly ease tensions and improve the visitor experience with interactive wayfinding.

Touchscreens placed in your lobby and other entrances can provide a one-stop, self-service navigation tool. Include directories for staff, rooms and departments, along with interactive maps that tell the visitor how to get to their destination, step-by-step.

Other interactive screens can offer staff bios, recognize patrons, show queuing status, advertise daily café menus and provide interactive games for children. The possibilities for visitor engagement are limitless.

Manage Your Meetings

Whether it’s an admin meeting, staff training or community education, you need to manage your rooms efficiently. Extending your digital signage system to meeting areas can help.

Digital meeting room signs mounted outside each conference room can display schedules booked in either your digital signage software or your favorite calendar app. They can also show your digital signage messages, so everyone gets to see important announcements, even if they’re in day-long sessions.

Some room signs allow you to book space right at the door, and economical e-paper signs are wireless for easy installation. No matter what model you choose, room signs make it easier for people to find the meeting their looking for, or to find an open space for a pop-up meeting.

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