6 Ways to Boost Company Morale

When company morale is up, employees are more productive. There are many ways to boost morale, and many businesses use digital software solutions to create a fun, dynamic environment that keeps employees motivated. Here are with digital signage.

Create Slides for Company Events

To keep employees informed and engaged in company happenings, create content for your digital display that provides event information. Hype up the holiday party by showing photos from the previous year. Having company events to look forward to is a good way to lift office spirits.

Name an Employee of the Month

Employees like recognition, even if they won’t admit it. When you name an employee of the month, do so by putting his/her name on a digital sign. You can announce that the name will appear at a certain time of the month, and get employees excited to possibly see their name up on the display.

Showcase Teams that Shine

When a team excels one month, it’s important to showcase them in a visible way. Using digital signage, you can brag about a certain team that has excellent sales and easily provide specifics about their numbers on your screens.

Have Fun

Easy to do, but also easy to forget about. Companies can simply have fun using digital signage solutions. Use the screens to put up silly images from company events, share hilarious memes or offer prizes to employees that notice hidden images on the digital displays. Remember to relax and have fun once in awhile in the office.

Post Trivia Questions

Trivia contests are a great way to get staff to look at digital messages more frequently. You can offer prizes such as dress down days or gift cards for those that win trivia contests each month. Plus, you can post trivia winners, giving bragging rights to employees who participate.

Celebrate Staff Birthdays

Visix’s digital signage software makes it easy to schedule posts in advance and with the ease of this technology, you can display your entire staff’s birthdays. Who doesn’t love feeling special on their day each year?

With the variety of digital signage solutions available, it’s fun and easy to create a work environment that gives credit to employees that excel, celebrates each individual and has fun with each other.

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