Unique Hot Spot Applications for Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signs are ubiquitous now, and touchscreen content is a great way to engage your audience. But, you also need to get your daily messages out there. How can you do both? Simple. One of the most exciting features of AxisTV is support for interactive hot spot applications to launch full-screen kiosking. You simply build a traditional layout with all of your content blocks to show your media and messages, and include a single touchpoint that launches your touchscreen application.


Probably the most popular use of this feature is for wayfinding. Visitors can see information about the building, donors, menus or directories, and then touch the hot spot to launch an interactive map to get them where they’re going. This is a great way to ease the burden on information desks and receptionists.

Room Booking

If people in your facility need meeting rooms, let them book them right at your digital sign. Your hot spot can launch your event management application, like EMS or R25/25Live so people can see what rooms are available and reserve them right then and there. This saves the time and frustration it takes to walk around a building looking for an open space.

Virtual Receptionist

Just like you can check yourself in at the airport, you can let your visitors check themselves in at your facility. Whether it’s an office, hotel, training center, hospital or clinic, a hot spot that launches an appointments calendar or reception application can let you know when people arrive. A nice touch is to pair this with a welcome message in your traditional content block.

Pick a  Channel

You can have more than one hot spot on a screen – just build them into your layout. Take advantage of this expanded real estate to let viewers choose what’s important to them. They can simply touch different hot spot buttons on screen to launch their favorite applications or content channels. Let people choose from news streams, video libraries, or the various applications we’ve mentioned here.

We’ve already covered some other fun applications you can launch with hot spots:

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