Building Community with Digital Signage for Government Offices

No matter what level or branch of government you are in, you know that you work for the public good. Digital signage for government offices can be leveraged to knit your community together – at the city, county, state or even federal level – by keeping people informed and engaged.

>> For quick reference, download our infographic here.

Let people know what you do for them, and how they can also give back. Keep current initiatives fresh in their minds with well-designed messages on displays located in the public areas of your offices, and remind them of past accomplishments. Promote current opportunities for volunteering, or food or toy drives, especially around the holidays.

People like to see their tax dollars at work, and informing them of events like free job skills training and networking opportunities on screens in your lobby will keep it in their minds. Make it easy for them to sign up right there, either by having the forms next to your displays, or supplying a short URL code or QR tag that directs them to fill out the registration forms online.

Speaking of forms, going to government offices can sometimes be daunting, and the number and type of forms can be confusing. A few well-thought-out messages detailing procedures and how to fill in forms can go a long way to making it easier for people to get done what they need to. Advertise upcoming deadlines on screens so everyone’s on the same page.

Your digital signage system can also double as a queuing system. If your office has a waiting area, you can reduce perceived wait times by showing queuing data on digital signs to let everyone know where they are in line, and how long they may have to wait to speak to a representative.

Give your first-time visitors access to interactive directories and wayfinding maps to help prevent confusion and frustration as they navigate your facility. Since most people have a mobile device with them these days, consider using an HTML5 wayfinding design that adjusts to small screens, or offer a mobile wayfinding app. This is especially useful in large facilities, or in areas where the public may speak many different languages (everyone may not know the term “briefing room”, but they will certainly understand an arrow pointing to the right.) Hearing-impaired visitors will also appreciate visual cues to help them get around.

A good digital signage system is also an important part of a comprehensive alert system. With the push of a single button, you can take over all screens to send out an emergency notification, such as severe weather warnings or a fire alert. Easy instructions and maps with evacuation points will make sure every gets to safety in time. This way people know you are looking out for them.

You can also spotlight community leaders, or fun facts about the local area, to let people know that you have your finger on the pulse of the area. Reach out to local vendors and companies, offering them ad space on your displays, which not only contributes to the local economy, but can add some revenue for you as well. You can also partner with organizations that host events to bring people together – food festivals, concerts, block parties and so on.

Come election time, the public should be encouraged to participate as much as possible. Make it easy for them to register to vote, and display information on propositions and initiatives so people can make informed decisions. Drive people to websites with more details to give them as much information as they want.

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