10 Reasons to Switch to AxisTV Signage Suite

AxisTV 9 is a tried-and-true platform with simple workflows for importing, scheduling and managing content. But simpler isn’t always better. AxisTV Signage Suite lets you revolutionize the way you communicate across your organization with digital signs transformed into beautiful canvases that inform, inspire and influence viewers. This isn’t an update, it’s a totally new software platform. Here are 10 reasons you should make the switch to AxisTV Signage Suite:

1. Free Software

Every Visix customer with an active Software Support & Maintenance Subscription gets AxisTV Signage Suite software licenses (and all future updates) at no charge. You’ll get free licenses for all three of our apps: Design (the desktop designer), Manage (the web-based CMS) and Engage (the playback engine) for maximum flexibility and impact. Your only cost will be add-on services like implementation, training and creative. It’s free and it’s better – why wouldn’t you switch?

2. Design

Even if you’re using our desktop designer with AxisTV 9, you aren’t getting the whole package. AxisTV Design for Signage Suite gives you more content types, a growing library of customizable widgets, built-in interactivity and powerful data-mapping tools for automated content. And best of all – no more content blocks! Just drag-n-drop your content wherever you want it on screen.

3. Manage

Our CMS has been rebuilt from the ground up for a modern interface and better workflows. We’ve streamlined importing, scheduling and playlist management with drag-and-drop functionality. We’ve added 900+ fill-in templates, and you can design your own templates in the CMS. You can also publish playlists to web browsers and websites with a simple URL. And we’ve kept all the best features of our former CMS, like support for Active Directory Single Sign-On.

4. Engage

Our robust playback engine includes lots of tools that AxisTV 9 just doesn’t have, like layering, transparency, adjustable opacity, multi-layer Z-order and professional grade typography tools for a superior creative and playback experience. Our new 3D transitions and content animations will help your screens grab attention. And you can preview playback of any message or layout on your desktop before publishing to screens!

5. Alerts

We’ve completely revamped AxisTV Alert as a stand-alone platform for high reliability, scalability and performance. It’s now faster, easier and more reliable to send time-sensitive messages and urgent alerts to digital signs throughout your enterprise. Don’t worry – it’s still CAP compliant, and integrates with popular third-party alerting suites.

6. Content Kits

Our award-winning designers have crafted an array of ready-built artwork packs and content kits to help you reach your audience with stunning, realtime information without having to start from scratch. Mix and match packs and kits from our growing library – starter backgrounds, directories, stocks, countdowns and more. Simply import the designs, customize to your taste, and you’ve got screen designs ready to go.

7. Interactivity

Provide a more consumer-like experience with info-rich interactive designs that connect viewers to the content they care about. Signage Suite’s built-in interactivity tools let you craft designs that let viewers choose what they want to see on your screens. With our easy drag-n-drop widgets, you can create touchable hot spots or voice-activated interactivity (no touchscreen required).

8. Data-Triggered Content

Signage Suite can make decisions on what to show on screen based on numbers, words, times or other data elements you’ve mapped to – without any user intervention. Using our easy widgets, you can have any number of artwork items on screen change to match current conditions – color code event listings, update gauges and graphs, show progress to goals with data visualizations in real-time and more.

9. Organizations

Signage Suite has improved user roles and approval workflows to streamline content contributions and publishing rights. You can group players, users and rights by organizations (departments, locations, etc.), and sub-organizations let you shape your deployment to mirror your own internal hierarchy. Why not switch to a CMS that adapts to your environment?

10. We’re Here to Help

Signage Suite offers more scalable licensing than AxisTV 9. We’ll help you transition to the best Signage Suite product to match the size and scale of your current digital signage system. And future expansion is easy –  simply start with one product and upgrade to another by purchasing new licenses. We also help with hardware by offering deep discounts and financing. Our award-winning support and service teams are on hand to get you started on a migration plan today.

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Download the PDF here:

Why you should migrate to AxisTV Signage Suite