Touchscreens for Audience Engagement

Interactive touchscreens are now practically required tech for any modern digital signage deployment. Not only do they allow people to have a more consumer-like experience, they are more familiar and comfortable when interacting with your organization (considering people use touchscreens every day on their own personal devices). And the demand is only going to increase – over half of children today use touchscreens in their very first year of life. These screens are only going to get more and more popular until they become the norm instead of the exception.

No other technology can make so much and so many types of information available to your audience in one place. In many ways, touchscreens allow you to fully realize the power and potential of your digital signage.

By offering a more consumer-like experience – one that people use everyday on their phones and tablets – you can provide more options in more modern format, attract more attention and engage viewers in a way that static screens can’t. The question isn’t “Why use touchscreens?” The question is “Why wouldn’t you?”

  • The Modern Way
  • Proven Benefits
  • The Basics
    • Size
    • Location
    • Interface
    • Design
    • Test
  • Touchscreen Designs
    • Interactive Wayfinding
    • Touchscreen Directories
    • Digital Menu Boards
    • Donor Boards
    • Surveys and Training
    • Events and Space Booking
  • Adaptable to Any Environment