Student-Centered Digital Signage for Colleges & Universities

Part of your challenge is to prepare students for entering the increasingly competitive global marketplace, and give them a wide range of skills so they have a competitive edge. So it makes sense for your educational institution to emulate environments they will likely find themselves in after graduation. Student engagement is the whole point of campus digital signage – hook them, get them interested, and get them actively participating.

You already know that digital signage can be much more than just top-down, one-way push communications. People today are used to interacting with information and digital environments, and no group more so than today’s university students. They have a whole different set of expectations than previous generations that you need to meet.

Your digital signs are competing with a lot of stimulus and daily distractions for your audience. In order to engage, your content has to stand out and grab attention. Not only that, but it has to have some way to connect with and motivate viewers to interact with the information.

Our white paper explores why student engagement is so important for today’s campuses, how you can get Millennials interested and motivated, how digital signs can support your inclusion efforts, and how to use gamification to engage more students:

  • Training Tomorrow’s Leaders
  • The Basics of Engagement
  • Tips for Engaging Millennials
  • Campus Content Ideas
  • Gamification Tips
  • Multiculturalism on Screen