Increase Efficiencies with Room Management and Office Hoteling

Digital signage is a great tool that makes it easier for people to find your meetings and events, and gets them excited about those programs in advance. Good room management and hoteling techniques can help with both promotion and office efficiencies for your organization.

Why continue to print banners, paste up room schedules, and clutter hallways with pop-up stands? You can save time, paper and waste by putting your event listings, promotional ads, wayfinding and more onto your digital signs.

Successful event promotion requires saturation – advertising the event across multiple mediums where you’re sure to catch your audience’s eye. Digital signs should always be a part of your advertising mix.

It’s also important to consider other methods of managing the attendee experience. Room signs and wayfinding are great tools you can use to expand your event and meeting management. Office hoteling saves your company money and improves office efficiencies across the board.

As more facilities offer shared spaces, it’s more important than ever to have an easy way to reserve rooms. For room and facility managers, it’s also critical to be able to see how many reserved rooms are actually being used, by how many people and for how long. By having a good scheduling system in place, you can analyze all of those stats to figure out what kind of space configurations and technology you need.

In our white paper, we’ll cover lots of successful methods and give you easy tips you can implement today for better room management:

  • Event Promotion
  • Sharing Schedules
  • Wayfinding
  • Office Hoteling
  • Obligation as Opportunity
  • Seven Tips for Simplified Facility Scheduling
  • Real World Examples