Great Digital Signage on Day 1

You want your digital signage launch to create a spectacle, and since the whole point of your digital signage system is to engage your audience, it needs to be right on day one. We can help you look your best with great digital signage from the start.

All successful projects start with a good launch plan, and your digital signs are no different. You’ll need to spend a little time up front to ensure your screens look good and have impact. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and if your screens look bad at the start, your audience will tune out.

If you launch your signage with poorly designed layouts or content, your viewers won’t like it, or worse – they’ll ignore it. You need to ensure that your screens look great, and that the content on them is relevant to your audience, so they immediately start relying on your signage an important, credible source for information.

In this compact six-page white paper, we’ll give you some basic best practices and quick tips to make sure you’re successful right out of the gate.

  • Quick Tips
  • Start Strong
  • Have a Champion
  • Take the Training
  • Get Some Help
  • Layouts & Content Blocks
  • Playlists & Scheduling
  • The Anatomy of a Layout
  • The Perfect Playlist
  • Popular Content