Digital Signage Campaigns Engagement through Storytelling

Modern communications are more about narratives than notices, and digital signage campaigns gain more viewers than one-off messages.

Millennials especially take less to direct sales approaches (e.g. “Buy X now because it’s great/will make you happy”) and more to indirect sales methods, like content and influencer marketing (e.g. “Things you didn’t know about X”/”Seven ways to increase happiness and Product X is number five on the list”). And they respond to longtail campaigns and message narratives – a series of linked messages that unfold over time telling a story, and even developing characters that people begin to care about. Since Millennials are the fastest growing segment of the workforce and marketplace, it’s time to start adapting to what they respond to. From advertising and social media to Netflix or Amazon original content, long form is in and likely to stay.

Our white paper explores why storytelling is so important for attracting and motivating viewers, and gives you lots of narrative techniques and tips you can use to engage more people:

  • Narratives for engagement
  • Why storytelling?
  • Narrative techniques
  • Narrative structures
  • Story types
  • Short-term narratives
  • Make use of influencers
  • Longtail campaigns
  • Quick Tips: 10 Things to consider when designing digital signage campaigns