Digital Signage Advertising Revenue for Campuses

With today’s display solutions, you can reach your audience with a high volume of messages at a low cost. More and more college campuses are taking advantage of this medium for general communications, and many are starting to see the benefits of offsetting the purchase and operating costs by selling space on the screens for a stream of digital signage revenues from advertising.

Why not turn your messaging system into a profit center or budget balancer? Campuses can generate revenues by advertising cooperative partner products and services in a number of ways:

  • Static messages
  • Video commercials
  • Long-term campaigns
  • Daily specials
  • Branded screen layouts

Colleges have a highly prized demographic for today’s advertisers – 18 to 24 year olds. And if your content management software allows you to use daypart scheduling – being able to display messages during certain times on chosen days – ads can be targeted to specific student groups at the right time, in the right place. This makes your digital signs prime real estate for vendors.

Read our white paper for practical advice on the types of advertising you might use, potential audiences, potential advertisers, number-crunching tips and real-world examples of how to generate digital signage revenues to offset costs.