Corporate Communications for the Modern Workforce

The modern workforce is changing. Millennials are already the largest part of the workforce and the Census Bureau predicts the generation will peak at 75 million in the US. Their children, the post-millennials (Generation Z, iGen) are close on their heels – already making up 5% of the workforce. These people grew up with the internet and the world wide web, and the younger end of the millennial generation also grew up with smartphones and tablets. As a result, they are used to having a lot of information at their fingertips, and have very different priorities and expectations for the workplace than generations that came before them. Modern corporate communications has to address this.

In the past, many employees operated fairly comfortably within hierarchical structures and expected only certain kinds of information to be available to them, leaving other matters to the “higher ups”. But today’s employees not only want but expect access to all kinds of information, or they will simply move on. This represents a major shift for corporate communications professionals.

Digital signage is a comprehensive tool for communicating a wide variety of information to any audience, whether it’s the public or employees. There are many tools and strategies that can be employed to satisfy the needs of today’s workforce, keeping them engaged and informed so they are motivated to do their best for the organization, helping the company remain competitive in today’s business environment.

Our white paper gives you the what, why and how to communicate effectively with today’s workforce:

  • The Modern Workforce
  • Transparency is Key
  • Encourage Feedback
  • 10 Corporate Teams that Benefit from Digital Signage
  • Engaging Communications
    • Automated Content
    • Event Schedules
    • Employee Recognition
    • Profiles & Spotlights
    • Metrics & KPIs
    • Professional Development
    • Social Networks
    • Sustainability & Activism
  • Gamification