Touch Digital Meeting Room Signs

Touch interactive meeting room signs are the perfect way to extend your digital signage to meeting areas.
  • Show schedules from your own calendar app
  • Customize every on-screen design element
  • Make walk-up reservations at the room sign
  • See room status instantly with availability lights
  • Display AxisTV Signage Suite content, including alerts
  • Add a voice interface and antimicrobial screen protector
  • Easily recess or surface mount out of the box
Touch interactive meeting room signs show schedules from your own calendar app, along with messages and alerts

Show Schedules

Publish your event schedules to room signs mounted outside every door to show what’s happening and help people find their meeting.

See Availability

Looking for a place to meet? See room availability at a glance with side lights that shine red when a room is busy and green when its available.

Book at the Sign

Touch’s interactive screen let’s you book a room right at the room sign. All updates are instantly shared with your own calendar app.

Extend Your Signage

Touch room signs are powered by AxisTV Signage Suite software, so you can completely customize the look and functionality of your schedule layouts.

Get Interactive

Build in interactive buttons or a voice user interface to show additional schedule info, wayfinding maps, speaker bios, meeting agendas and more.

Easy Installation

Easily recess or surface mount Touch room signs right out of the box, and power them via PoE+ via network switch or injector.

The Touch10 Conference Room Signs show schedules outside rooms and let you book space right at the room sign

Smarter Spaces

Touch interactive room signs show room schedules from your own calendar app. You can also easily create, import and schedule a wide range of messages, media and mass alerts through our CMS so meeting participants don’t miss important updates.

You’ll see room availability at a glance with availability lights on each side, and your room schedules can also change to indicate room status. The signs support walk-up reservations for clients using Exchange, Office 365, EMS, EMS Platform Services and 25Live from CollegeNET.

Stunning Schedules

AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage software lets you customize every single element in your schedule layouts and booking UI – making Touch the most customizable room signs on the market.

Our easy design tools let you completely customize the way you present room booking options and event schedules, and you can include full interactivity for on-demand content – wayfinding maps, meeting agendas, speaker bios – anything you like.

Germ-Free Interactivity

Because Touch room signs are powered by AxisTV Signage Suite, you can use our Voice Recognizer Widget to let viewers talk to the room sign instead of touching it.

  • No touchscreen, internet connection or programming required
  • Easy drag-n-drop widget to build room sign layouts
  • Quickly map spoken keywords and phrases to content on room signs
  • Uses built-in speech recognition engine for Windows 10
  • No additional fees – included in our software

We also have antimicrobial screen protectors to reduce germ transmission by up to 99%, as well as minimize glare and fingerprints on screens.

Touch10 Specifications

Display size: 10.1″ viewable area
Resolution: 1024 x 768 (4:3 aspect ratio)
Dimensions: 11.125″w x 8.375″h x 1.75″d
Weight: 3 lbs 15.5 oz
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
Power: PoE+ (optional PoE+ Power Injector available)
Mounting: Recess or surface mount (optional glass mount available)

See specifications and mounting options for Visix's Touch Interactive Meeting Room Signs
Touch Room Sign signage kits let you work from easy templates to customize your room sign layout

Ready-Made Designs

Using AxisTV Signage Suite, there’s no limit to how creative you can be with your schedule designs. To save you time, we offer ready-made content kits crafted by our award-winning design team to give you a head start on stunning room signs.

You can get gorgeous schedules up and running in just minutes. Simply install the kit, map to your calendar, customize any design elements you like, and publish beautiful schedules to your room signs.

All You Need in One Box

These Power over Ethernet (PoE+) room signs allow you to run one Ethernet cable that supplies both power and data, so you don’t have to worry about concealing power bricks. Touch room signs can be surface mounted or recessed in walls, and are ready to be mounted right out of the box without any additional hardware. We can also provide custom faceplates to match your branding or décor.

We’re happy to provide pricing for individual units, facility packages or integrated solutions combining Touch room signs with other Visix technologies.

Touch interactive room signs are easy to surface mount, glass mount or recess in walls

We want to help you manage your shared spaces more efficiently. By integrating our room signs with the scheduling app you’re already using, we let you manage your calendars in one place and share that information throughout your facility to keep everyone on time and up to date.


Yes. Our software integrates easily with popular calendar apps like Exchange, Office 365, EMS, Google and more.

No. All of our room signs are easy to mount and install right out of the box, and we provide handy templates for surface mounting or recessing in walls.

Yes. Because our Touch meeting room signs are driven by AxisTV Signage Suite, they are fully interactive for schedule playback, buttons to launch additional content and room booking.