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We’ll Get You Up and Running Quickly

No matter the size of your IT team, Visix works closely with you for a smooth, quick system launch.

Our professional services team has extensive knowledge of AV and IT systems equipment, and more than a decade of experience with digital signage installations. We’ll implement your Visix software and hardware, and ensure seamless communication between all of the components in your network.


We’ll perform full software installation and testing so you look good on day one, ensuring your digital signage makes an impact and gets your audience’s attention. Monitor your configuration as it’s implemented – test and review to ensure your needs are being met, and identify any customization or changes needed early on. You can assist in the process or leave it all up to us. Our implementation and basic configuration services include essential tasks like:

  • Software deployment
  • Essential configuration
  • Basic data mapping
  • Applying a standard layout

We offer both on-site and remote implementation support, whether you’re working independently or with a systems integrator.


Our Visix experts can also configure your digital signage software features. Although we’ve developed a user-configurable platform, we’re a hands-on partner that can provide dedicated configuration specialists to help you every step of the way. Visix offers guidance to both your IT and communications teams when configuring our applications to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Our configuration services include:

  • Configuring custom themes
  • Replacing artwork elements
  • Applying layouts
  • Creating and scheduling messages
  • Configuring event messages

If you don’t have the time or experience to fully optimize your digital signs, our specialists are happy to handle the most complex layout attributes, data mapping nuances and enterprise features to ensure you’re displaying the most compelling content on day one. (This can be especially helpful when piloting Visix technologies against your stated objectives.) Our advanced configuration services include:

  • Creating suborganizations
  • Adding users and privileges
  • Designing data-mapped messages
  • Crafting fill-in-the-blank templates
  • Importing and scheduling content

Don’t see what you need on the list? We’re happy to help with specialized configuration requests. Need help with day-to-day content tasks? Check out our Managed Services.