We’ll get you up and running quickly

No matter the size of your IT team, Visix works closely with you for a smooth, quick system launch.

Our professional services team has extensive knowledge of AV and IT systems equipment, and more than a decade of experience with digital signage installations. We’ll implement your Visix software and hardware, and ensure seamless communication between all of the components in your network.

We’ll perform full software installation, configuration and testing so you look good on day one, ensuring your digital signage makes an impact and gets your audience’s attention.

If you like, our custom programming services can provide a much deeper integration into other systems.

Our Visix experts can also configure your digital signage software features. We’ll ensure that critical system elements are defined, linked and running before we begin training your team. Implementation of digital signage software includes:

  • Configuring Visix technologies into your domain and set SMTP settings
  • Support for proxy awareness on the content manager
  • Set up of publishers, options and data adapters
  • Defining aspect ratios, user roles and modes
  • Naming playlists and ticker lists
  • Loading and schedule custom and branded themes
  • Designing text, template and adapter layouts
  • Setting custom mass alert notification categories
  • Creating boot schedules, alarm notifications, security and intrusion policies

We offer both on-site and remote implementation support, whether you’re working independently or with a systems integrator. Contact us if you need assistance.

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