Financing Options

We have leasing options for every system size.

Once you’ve decided on digital signage for your communications, you’ll want to determine the best payment options for your purchase. Is this best handled as a capital expenditure (CAPEX) or an operational expenditure (OPEX)? Visix can help with both.

Getting the software is easy and there are lots of options – perpetual, building and site licenses, or subscription – for either on-premise or hosted (cloud). But deciding how to budget for digital signage hardware might be more complicated.

Our integration partners can provide you with a complete solution – displays, mounts, infrastructure and more – and you can finance that entire solution in the way best suits your budget.

It’s basically a financial question: Do I purchase or lease? Visix can help with both.

Hardware leasing advantages:

  • Maintains pace with hardware lifecycle. A typical lease runs two to three years, which also happens to be the average cycle for hardware upgrades.
  • Protects cash flow. Leases help minimize immediate costs.
  • Tax deductible. Operational expenses are tax deductible under IRS Code Section 179.
  • Maintenance.  The leasing vendor is responsible for warranties, advance replacements and RMAs.

Hardware purchasing advantages:

  • Ownership.  Once purchased, you own the assets.
  • Tax incentives.  Section 179 IRS deductions or depreciation deductions may be applicable.
  • Budget cycles.  With capital budgets, you know whether or not the funds are available.

Hardware leasing disadvantages:

  • Long-term cost.  In general, leasing is more expensive over the long-term, and there’s no equity in the leased equipment.
  • Commitment.  You’re obligated to make payments regardless of how much you use the assets.

Hardware purchasing disadvantages:

  • Higher cost of investment.  There is a higher initial cash outlay when purchasing outright.
  • EOL disposition.  You are responsible for equipment disposal.

Try our leasing calculator, and get terms and detailed information about financing options: