Strategies for Digital Signage Content Marketing

Are you struggling to figure out how to truly engage your audience? Learn some of the secrets of integrating content marketing with your digital signage system. In this 30-minute content marketing webinar, we’ll talk about how you can use content marketing:

  • as part of your overall communications strategy
  • to attract and retain an audience
  • to change or influence behavior

We’ll address these common communications challenges:

  • Getting the audience involved
  • Getting the audience to act
  • Measuring audience response

Content marketing is about engaging your audience and getting them to take action. This is a strategy that parallels your digital signage goals, so we’ll cover:

  • Align with your other marketing efforts
  • Deliver consistent messaging
  • Categorize content
  • Motivate people to act
  • Promote, protect and strengthen your brand
  • Engage effectively
  • Research your audience
  • Provide accurate, timely information

We’ll give step-by-step directions:

  1. Conduct surveys to find out what people want to see on the screens
  2. Observe how your audience uses the system
  3. Craft the story around your audience’s interests
  4. Encourage direct contact through targeted messaging
  5. Create your content to meet your goals and audience preferences