Touchscreen meeting management

RoomBoard interactive wayfinding

Whether you’re looking for a meeting or looking for a place to meet, our interactive RoomBoard gives you a robust self-service room management solution that can stand alone or easily integrate with our MeetingMinder Touch room signs.

RoomBoard is a one-stop touchscreen wayfinding solution that shows space availability, maps event listings to rooms and can even allow room booking right at the RoomBoard. With a RoomBoard, your organization can:

  • Combine digital signage, interactive wayfinding and schedules
  • Direct staff and visitors to meeting rooms
  • Show bookings from Exchange, EMS or Touch room signs
  • Include full-kiosk support for booking at the RoomBoard
  • Integrate mobile tools with QR codes and SMS
  • Customize the design with logos, colors and maps

All RoomBoards are custom-built with your logo, colors and interactive maps. Room availability is instantly recognizable with open rooms in green and busy rooms in red, and the number of available rooms is shown at the top of the screen for quick reference.

You can show event schedule data from Exchange and EMS calendar apps, along with any bookings made from Touch room signs – all integrated with your RoomBoard for an enterprise scheduling solution.

Our RoomBoard designs incorporate the best practices from our interactive wayfinding experiences – visual paths, scrolling tools and ADA controls at the bottom of the screen. If you like, we can include content blocks in the design to show your digital signage message playlists.

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Our RoomBoard seamlessly integrates with our Touch interactive room signs for a complete meeting management solution.

If you’re using Exchange or EMS to manage your rooms, the RoomBoard will pull data from your calendar to show booked rooms in red and open rooms in green.

Our award-winning designers will create a completely custom layout, map and schedule for your interactive room management solution.

Combined Convenience

When someone enters your facility, you want to get them where they need to go quickly and easily. Our RoomBoard is an interactive kiosk that shows your room schedule alongside wayfinding maps for easy reference. It also shows which rooms are booked and which are open, so people can quickly find an available space to meet.

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