Signage Software Product Comparison

Whether you want your CMS in the cloud or on your network, we have software licenses to match the size and scale of your digital signage system.

Group players, users and rights by organizations (departments, locations, etc.)

Use sub-organizations support to shape your deployment like your organization

Approval Workflows
Built-in approval workflows ensure your screens show what you want, when you want

Scalable Signage

We have scalable solutions to meet your needs, with one of the most flexible platforms available. Choose from cloud or on-premise solutions with subscriptions or perpetual licenses. Expansion is turnkey, so you can start with one product and upgrade to another by simply purchasing new licenses.

  • AxisTV One

    AxisTV One is perfect for a single digital signage power user creating and delivering content to as many as 25 players and screens, letting you centralize your content management without worrying about complicated user roles and privileges. 

  • AxisTV Team

    AxisTV Team lets you share content management across a team of up to five people delivering content to as many as 50 players and screens, and is a great choice for small teams handling content management for the rest of the organization.

  • AxisTV Workgroup

    AxisTV Workgroup lets you share content management with up to 50 people contributing and delivering content to up to 100 players and screens, and has tools to support departmental deployments and easy integration of organization-wide messaging.

  • AxisTV Campus

    AxisTV Campus lets you share content management across campus with unlimited user accounts delivering content to an unlimited number of players and screens. Campus supports commonly used higher education applications like 25Live, EMS and Google Calendar while providing the content approval workflows needed by universities.

  • AxisTV Enterprise

    AxisTV Enterprise lets you manage communications on any scale with unlimited user accounts delivering content to an unlimited number of players and screens. Enterprise includes ten categories of widgets for supporting data integration, AD Single Sign-On, on-demand interactive content and more with extensive support for suborganizations.

  • AxisTV Cloud

    AxisTV Cloud gives you all the features of our premise-based solution with 24/7 access to a hosted content management server running the AxisTV Signage Suite CMS. Subscription fees include all Signage Suite software updates on the server and media players, CMS monitoring and backups, server maintenance and access to priority software support. Cloud clients also get free updates for AxisTV Design, our desktop design application.

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AxisTV Signage Suite Product Comparison

* Media Player licenses purchased separately
** Software Support and Maintenance Subscription required for access to AccuWeather current conditions and weather forecast data

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How easy is it to expand my system?

Super easy. If you need to add more user accounts or players, simply purchase the license that fits your needs. The apps are the same, so it’s just a matter of entering new license keys.

Do you offer subscription payment plans?

Of course. We understand that a digital signage system is a big investment. Subscriptions help alleviate initial costs, and give you access to the latest software as updates are released.

How much does your digital signage software cost?

That depends. We offer a variety of options including hosted cloud or on-premise, pre-imaged hardware or software-only, along with a host of creative and support services. It’s best to talk to us to find out which options and pricing are best for you.

On-Demand Training

Your digital signage system is only as good as the people who use it. Take advantage of our live classes, on-demand tutorials and online Learning Management System to maximize your investment. Our training subscription is affordable and comprehensive, and you can include as many learners as you like.