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Our digital signage apps give you easy, innovative tools to create, customize and deliver a constant flow of beautiful, engaging content

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Design, Manage and Engage

Create, manage and deliver stunning visual communications to digital signs across campus or across the globe from any web-connected machine.

Our dynamic digital signage apps and widgets make creating compelling content fast and easy, and our scheduling and playback tools take the burden off signage managers. Real-time automated feeds and robust data-mapping tools ensure you have a steady flow of fresh and relevant content to keep audiences engaged.

Design and schedule messages in just seconds using three easy, powerful digital signage apps:

  • AxisTV Design, the desktop design app
  • AxisTV Manage, the content management system (CMS)
  • AxisTV Engage, the playback engine

AxisTV Design™ | Content Designer

AxisTV Design provides an intuitive, powerful design environment for creating messages, templates and screen layouts with ease. Because AxisTV Design runs on the desktop, designers can create content offline when they need to, and sync with the CMS once they’re connected to a network.

This robust application lets you place design elements exactly where you want them with time-saving tools that make it simple to build stunning content to capture your audience’s attention. Simply drag and drop backgrounds, text, graphics, videos, streams, and webpages into your digital signage layouts. And our handy data widgets let you select, place and format dynamic data from calendars, weather, RSS, Excel, XML, JSON and more.

  • Drag-n-drop widgets make building layouts, messages and templates easy
  • Data widgets pull from sources like AccuWeather, Excel, XML and JSON
  • Integrates with calendar apps like Exchange, EMS and Google and more
  • Custom layouts of events, news, and weather data can be built on the fly
  • Work faster with guides and rulers with snap, and flexible workspace sizing
  • Backgrounds, zones, artwork and widgets can be layered with opacity
  • Full transparency is supported and message backgrounds are optional
  • Add multiple playlists in zones to easily share screen real estate
  • Combine widgets with conditional logic for “if then, show this” scenarios
  • Include interactive hot spots for touchscreens or add a voice user interface
  • Preview layouts, messages and individual widgets before you publish
AxisTV Manage - Content Management System

AxisTV Manage™ | Content Management System

Whether you’re working on a PC or Mac, desktop or tablet, AxisTV Manage lets you easily manage your entire digital signage deployment with user-friendly workflows in a web interface.

Our digital signage software lets you quickly import or schedule content, and manage your on-screen schedules. You can add players to drive more screens, manage and schedule message and layout playlists, import media files and artwork, and select playback transitions.

Download free stock content and apps from the Visix Store to get your deployment up and running as quickly as possible. You can use these content bundles during the configuration process, and then import your own images and videos to set up your screens. You can also purchase and download content created by our award-winning designers in the Store using an easy authorization code.

  • Streamlines content scheduling and playlist management
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for importing content and ordering playlists
  • Microsoft Office documents and PDFs can be scheduled with ease
  • Event, news, weather and fill-in-the-blank messages are ready for scheduling
  • Create brand-approved messages from anywhere using fill-in-the blank templates
  • Point to a network folder to show images and videos automatically on screen
  • Auto-updating content feeds provide real-time, hands-off content
  • Powerful search and filter using keywords, file types, aspect ratios and more
  • Artwork is organized in searchable categories
  • Group players, users and rights by organizations and suborganizations
  • Use Single Sign On with SAML 2.0 to manage user access

AxisTV Engage™ | Signage Player

Our AxisTV Engage player software includes adjustable opacity, multi-layer Z-order and professional grade typography tools for a superior creative and playback experience.

Our robust playback engine enables powerful widget configuration in layouts and messages, with layering, transparency, and a host of playback options.

  • Brings message and layout designs to life
  • Elegant transitions produce eye-catching movement
  • Use 3D transitions and animated content to grab attention
  • Supports video backgrounds and message animations
  • Text generation engine supports elaborate typographical designs
AxisTV Alert CAP Notifications

AxisTV Alert™ | CAP-Compliant Alert Notifications

Our stand-alone alerting platform can be used alongside any digital signage content management solution, including AxisTV Signage Suite. It gives you time-saving workflows to deliver important updates and critical alerts across your digital signage system. The platform isn’t cluttered with non-alert items, and is streamlined to make publishing alerts fast and easy.

  • Works with any digital signage content management solution
  • Built around Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards
  • Integrates with third-party suites like Alertus and Rave Mobile Safety

Streamlined Signage

AxisTV Signage Suite gives you the full power of our entire software application bundle (Design, Manage, Engage).
You can choose from software-only, pre-imaged hardware, or a hosted cloud solution.

Craft gorgeous messages, fill-in templates and screen layouts in our powerful Design desktop app. You can create your designs offline and sync to the CMS when you’re ready. 

Quickly import and schedule media and messages to playlists in our Manage (CMS) web interface. Use dayparting and set end times so messages automatically retire.

Create content on the fly by filling in templates right in the CMS web interface. Templates support text, images and video for a quick and easy way to create messages.

Choose what to display where by mapping playlists to media players. You can even mix playlists together on screen to combine content from different departments. 


Let our experts help bring your story to life. We can help with everything from message and campaign planning to daily tasks like artwork and playlist management. If you need creative help, our award-winning team of artists can craft custom designs for all of your digital signs.


Nope. Our product licenses cover the number of user accounts and players, and licenses include all three of our digital signage suite apps.

It’s important to keep up with the latest releases, as we’ll add features and functionality to our apps over time. Our support subscription is the best way to stay on top of software updates.

With our content starter kit and online help, you can get screen designs and messages up on day one. However, we recommend our training subscription to ensure you get the most from your signage software.