Visix Releases AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.62 with New Widgets and Data Options

ATLANTA, GA – August 16, 2022 – Visix, Inc. has released version 1.62 of their AxisTV Signage Suite software. This latest update gives content creators new and improved web widgets, more calendar display and booking options, and improved visibility and workflows.

“This release really expands what content creators can do in both the CMS and our desktop design app,” says Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix. “We’ve not only added new widgets and features, but we’ve made it easier to pull in and configure content from the web, which is essential for our cloud-dependent clients. This not only makes managing digital signage easier, but it also ensures that on-screen data is always up to date.”

The new Web Image widget lets content creators pull in images by pointing to a URL, so graphics refresh on screens when updated at the source URL. The Data-Mapped Web Image widget expands on the software’s existing data-mapped artwork capabilities. Users can map to web images tied to an inbound data source widget, such as a media RSS feed. This is a one-time set up and auto-updating – any change made at the data source will automatically update web images on displays.

The software’s Web Browser widget now supports saving passwords on supported webpages and web applications that require authentication, such as Microsoft SharePoint, to ensure uninterrupted playback. The Excel widget also now supports downloading files from OneDrive, furthering data sharing and visualization options.

AxisTV Signage Suite already supports extensive data display from scheduling systems like Exchange, Office 365, EMS, Mazevo, Google Calendar and others. While clients have always been able to show calendar items from CollegeNET on displays and meeting room signs, a new Book CollegeNET widget now enables two-way booking. This lets people book rooms right at the display, and that booking is immediately shared with the scheduling system to avoid duplicates.

The Event Calendar widget has new display options. Clients can choose to display the time on the “now” line during playback, and also display a “please wait” message for a specified time to let viewers know that the backend system is working on the booking operation. The Outlook 365 widget can also now be optionally configured for the Microsoft Cloud for US Government environments.

Other enhancements include expanded SAML options for cloud clients, the addition of information about used and free server space in the UI, better control and visibility for drag-and-drop into content playlists, and better overall reliability when pulling data from slow-to-respond sources.

Clients with a current support subscription get the update for free and can sign up for the subscription at any time.

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