Visix Now Offering Safety Message Subscription for Manufacturing Facilities

ATLANTA, GA – October 6, 2020 – Visix, Inc. has launched a new safety message subscription service for digital signage clients. As an introductory offer, clients who purchase a new AxisTV Signage Suite content management system will receive three months of free OSHA-inspired safety content. This is a $600 value, with a new safety message for each weekday delivered to subscription holders. In addition, clients have access to over 200 free message designs covering a range of topics from COVID-19 and inspirational quotes to trivia and stress relief tips.

“Safety is on everyone’s mind right now, but it’s always been a paramount concern in manufacturing,” says Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix. “Safety managers work hard to build rich EHS cultures, and we want to support those efforts by making safety communications more effective and more convenient. Regardless of whether it’s a factory or plant, utility provider or corporate warehouse, workplace safety is vital to both productivity and employee engagement. ”

Safety messages will cover topics like general health and safety tips, motivational quotes, trivia, calendar highlights and content tailored to a number of specialty tasks and environments. Messages are delivered via an HTML5 playlist that is easily inserted into digital signage layouts for onsite employees or webpages for remote workers. Starting price for the safety messages subscription after the initial three-month promotion is $2,400 per year for an unlimited number of players and screens.

Visix has been providing digital signage solutions for the manufacturing sector for nearly 20 years, with clients like Kimberly Clark, North Shore Steel, Rowland Technologies and Servotronics, Inc. relying on their technologies for dynamic internal communications. The addition of a safety message subscription is the latest in the company’s efforts to provide end-to-end visual communications solutions for production facilities.

Parties interested in the safety messaging subscription can contact for more details. For information about Visix manufacturing solutions, visit