Visix Launches Four New Interactive Digital Signage Packages

ATLANTA, GA – January 9, 2024 – Visix, Inc. is now offering four interactive digital signage packages for clients wanting touchscreen designs on a budget. The new Templated Donor Board and Templated Hall of Fame Board packages join the company’s already popular Templated Wayfinding and Templated Directory packages, which have been refreshed with new designs and options.

“Touchscreens are ubiquitous, but not everyone has the budget to build out custom wayfinding or directories for their screens. At the same time, companies and campuses understand they have to give their audiences something informative and engaging, or they’ll tune out,” says Jill Perardi, Senior Director of Professional Services for Visix. “Bespoke interactive signage projects can cost tens of thousands of dollars, with the average around $20,000. These templated packages cut that price down to under half that, putting good interactive signage within reach for any organization.”

Templated donor boards let you recognize patrons and encourage giving in a touchscreen design tailored to your branding.

Wayfinding and directories are two of Visix’s most popular offerings for touchscreens. The company has also seen a dramatic rise in requests over the past year for interactive donor boards to highlight patrons and encourage giving, and schools and campuses increasingly want a fun, interactive way to spotlight alumni, scholars, athletes, teams, clubs and other hall-of-famers.

All of Visix’s templated packages start with HTML5 designs built by their award-winning creative services team, which are then tailored to the client’s colors, fonts and branding. Finished projects are installed by Visix software specialists and can be on-premise or hosted in the cloud. Clients can update their project’s directory data at any time via a custom-built, user-friendly webpage.

Each package gives clients a portrait or landscape design that includes two directories of their choice, quick sorting by alphabet or dates at the bottom of the screen, and ADA controls. Directory buttons at the top and bottom of the design let users of any height interact with the touchscreen, and they can also toggle between dark and light design modes to avoid eye strain.

The Templated Wayfinding package includes all of the directory features, as well as three floor maps or one campus map with a “You Are Here” indicator, mapping to 40 destinations with animated icons, and noted landmarks like restrooms, stairs, elevators and exits with a matching legend. Extra options like timeout screen slideshows and SMS integration to send directions to phones are easily added to any of the four base template packages.

“The beauty of these products is that the base price is so reasonable, you can add more bells and whistles without breaking the bank,” says Perardi. “Digital signage is always about the user experience, whether they’re employees, students or visitors. By bringing these packages to market, we’re hoping to help more organizations improve that experience in an affordable, effective way.”

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