Visix Launches “Digital Signage Done Right” Podcast to Help Organizations Maximize the Effectiveness of Visual Communications

ATLANTA, GA – July 2, 2019 – Visix, Inc. has launched Digital Signage Done Right, a weekly podcast focusing on how best to use digital signs for visual communications. The series targets both current digital signage users and organizations considering the purchase of a digital signage system.

Through interviews and conversation with digital signage and communications experts, the podcast highlights best practices and gives practical advice on system technologies, communications planning, content sources and digital design.

“People think digital signage is about technology. It’s not – it’s about communication,” says Derek DeWitt, communications specialist for Visix and host of Digital Signage Done Right. “We all use tech to connect in new and innovative ways every day, whether it’s at work, at school, at shops or with friends. If you really want to reach modern audiences using digital signs, you have to understand how messaging, user experience and technology all fold together into a successful strategy. This podcast is about understanding the real value of digital signage and learning how to realize its full potential.”

Listeners can tune in for new episodes of Digital Signage Done Right each Tuesday at to examine common challenges for digital signage managers and content creators, with real-world examples and solutions. Eight episodes are currently available on the company’s website:

  • Episode 1: What is Digital Signage & Why You Need It covers what’s in a system, statistical data on employee engagement, the benefits of digital signage and enterprise capabilities.
  • Episode 2: 8 Steps to Plan a Digital Signage System gives listeners a step-by-step guide to plan and shop for a system, as well as a list of common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Episode 3: Understanding Audience Motivations explores current theories of audience motivation and provides concrete examples of digital signage content to appeal to each type.
  • Episode 4: How to Connect with Three Generations in the Workforce discusses the priorities of Baby Boomers, Generation X and millennials in the workplace, and communications strategies to engage each generation.
  • Episode 5: 14 Quick Digital Signage Content Ideas examines content sources that are readily accessible in any organization and gives advice on how to adapt each for digital signs.
  • Episode 6: 12 Ways to Increase Engagement with Digital Signs guides listeners through the benefits of engagement and provides a checklist of best practices for digital signage content.
  • Episode 7: Digital Signage Design Primer 1 – Basic Foundations unpacks the differences between print and digital design, examines design psychology and trends, and gives tips to avoid the most common design mistakes.
  • Episode 8: Digital Signage Design Primer 2 – Practical Tips focuses on best practices for digital design, while also covering practical tips, design workflows, brand standards and interactivity.

DeWitt says, “Our hope is that this podcast will inspire listeners with new ideas and give them tips that they can employ right away. For those just starting out or still shopping for a digital signage system, we want to give them a solid foundation to build on for long-term success.”

Digital Signage Done Right is the latest addition to Visix’s ever-growing library of expert content for digital signage users – blog articles, videos, guides, white papers, infographics and case studies. All resources are available free of charge at as part of the company’s drive to help organizations communicate better.