Visix Digital Signage Done Right Ranks as Top Communications Podcast for 2020

ATLANTA, GA – MAY 20, 2020 – The Visix podcast Digital Signage Done Right, which launched in July 2019, has been recognized for excellence by four separate organizations. It won the 2020 Communicator Award of Excellence for Podcasts Series-Corporate Communications, was ranked in the #1 spot on Feedspot’s Top 10 Digital Signage Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020, #4 on Bananatag’s The 20 Best Internal Communications Podcasts for 2020, and #6 on Blogin’s Best Podcasts on Corporate Communications.

“Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn,” says Kyla Sims, content strategist for Bananatag. “They allow you to connect with the brightest minds in the world in an intimate setting that’s both accessible and enjoyable. I put together the list of top communication podcasts in an effort to bring to light all the incredible work and knowledge sharing that is happening in the internal communications space. Podcasts like Digital Signage Done Right from Visix are great resources that provide immense value. They’re beautiful demonstrations of how much vendors and organizations are willing to invest in up-leveling the knowledge and skills of the communications community. It’s fantastic.”

While each episode of Digital Signage Done Right tends to focus using digital signs for organizational communications, many other topics also get covered in the far-ranging conversations that host Derek DeWitt has with guests. This is certainly why the podcast found its way onto two business communications lists that are not exclusively about digital signage. “Yes, it’s about the one topic,” says host and writer Derek DeWitt, “but not only that. Digital signage is part of a good communications plan, so we try and generalize whenever possible. A lot of the advice in these episodes can be applied to non-digital signage contexts as well.”

Most episodes involve the host and a single guest, though there are a few that are just the musing of Mr. DeWitt. Episodes will sometimes have multiple guests. “It keeps things interesting to mix up the format,” says DeWitt. The current catalog has over 30 episodes that cover digital design tips, communications planning and content sources, understanding and engaging employees, and digital signage planning and start up tips.

Digital Signage Done Right premieres a new episode every other Tuesday on hosting service Podbean, and is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify and a number of other podcast services, as well as via an RSS feed. It can also be accessed directly on the Visix website, where listeners can follow along with a full transcript at