Visix Chooses Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & Freshdesk for Better Customer Experience

ATLANTA, GA – July 13, 2021 – Visix, Inc. has chosen Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for its second-generation cloud platform, which will be released later in Q3 2021. The company has also launched a new client support portal powered by Freshdesk. Both platforms are being adopted to provide a better customer experience for Visix clients.

“We looked at Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, but ultimately, Azure offers the level of platform integration and scalability that our clients need for their digital signage systems,” said Sean Matthews, president and CEO of Visix.

A major deciding factor was Azure’s load-balancing architecture that supports fast-growing digital signage deployments. This will allow Visix clients to easily scale their content management system and add endpoints at any time without outgrowing platform resources. The upcoming release of AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud will take full advantage of the scalability, multi-layered security and global footprint of Azure Cloud Services, and will include tools to move existing clients into the Azure Cloud.

“With Microsoft Azure, we have a trusted platform that can easily support forward-thinking applications as Visix continues to grow its reach in the digital signage marketplace,” commented Trey Hicks, chief sales officer for Visix. “And we’re excited Azure’s global reach will benefit our multinational clients.”

Visix has also launched a new client support portal, replacing a long-serving but outdated technology. The new website is powered by Freshdesk and gives customers a modern, streamlined platform to submit, search and view support tickets and solutions.

“Our commitment to a superior customer experience demanded a better support platform,” says Jill Perardi, director of professional services for Visix. “The new portal not only guarantees a smoother, more satisfying experience for clients, it also improves visibility and workflows for our team to solve customer issues faster.”

Clients have more flexible log in options to access the site, with a choice of using email, Google, Facebook or Twitter credentials. Support tickets are created automatically from email requests to the support team, and clients now have better visibility into their tickets, as well as access to a growing library of common FAQs and solutions. Remote support sessions are also faster and easier for Visix staff and customers to resolve quick issues.

The new Visix client support portal is live now, and clients can sign up at More information about the new release of AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud is expected later in Q3 2021.