Visix Adds Content Packs and Kits to Digital Signage Offering

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 10, 2019 – Visix, Inc. is now offering content packs and kits for their AxisTV Signage Suite content management system. These provide Visix software users with predesigned artwork and templates for digital signage messages and screen layouts in a variety of topics, styles and colors.

“Our content kits are the next natural step in helping our customers communicate better,” says Jill Perardi, creative services manager for Visix. “Not everyone who gets handed the reins for a digital signage system is a graphic designer, so we’re making it easier for clients to get good-looking content up on screens quickly. They can either publish the kits as they come, or use them as a base to create their own designs. Either way, it gives our customers a solid foundation for successful signage.”

Visix customers can mix and match templates from two packs that include background artwork and modern weather icons, and nine content kits that cover a variety of popular topics like event schedules, directories, countdowns, financial stocks, menu boards and room signs. The latest addition, the Corporate Recognition Kit, has layout designs that are prevalent in  communications like anniversary, birthday, congratulations, welcome and employee of the month.

The templates come in common aspect ratios like 4:3, 16:9 and 9:16. Layouts are preformatted, and clients can customize colors, backgrounds and fonts. Those templates including data integration for feeds like events, directories and stocks can be mapped to sources of their choice. Customers can purchase and download packs and kits from Visix, and the company’s client services team is available to help with installation and configuration.

The current library has over 330 content templates designed by Visix’s award-winning creative team, and is growing rapidly. Perardi says, “We plan to release a kit for K-12 schools before the end of the month, and we’ll continue to add to our library based on customer requests and popular trends.”

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