Visix AxisTV Digital Signage Software Powers Safelite Corporate Communications

ATLANTA, GA – February 4, 2020 – Visix, Inc. reports that Safelite Glass Corporation has rolled out an extensive digital signage system across multiple business locations in three states. The network today reaches several corporate locations in Ohio (including its Columbus-based headquarters), and call centers in Iowa and Arizona. Enterprise-level Visix AxisTV 9 digital signage software delivers a mix of visual content, real-time data, and social media to amplify its corporate messaging, and strengthen employee communications.

Safelite Corporation is a well-known provider of vehicle glass repair, replacement and calibration services throughout much of the United States. With 15,000 employees across 720 locations, the company has seen a positive impact on employee and visitor engagement at locations added to the network. Safelite initially deployed a single AxisTV on-premise license with 76 Visix HDn digital signage media players to create and drive content to digital signs. The company recently added 18 additional HDn players in a second phase, leveraging AxisTV’s simple scalability to expand the network.

The crown jewel of Safelite’s network is a 3×3 video wall at its Columbus headquarters. Located in the executive lobby, the AxisTV software presents corporate Safelite content and messaging to welcome, inform and entertain high-profile clients and vendors. A Visix 12-output digital signage player reliable delivers content across all nine video wall tiles, providing a seamless presentation of 1080p content without the expense of an external video processor.

The flexibility of the software allows other locations on the network to easily differentiate content. The Iowa and Arizona call centers leverage AxisTV’s data-rich properties, for example, favoring real-time business metrics and social media statistics that demonstrate the success of their customer service efforts. Content contributors leverage a Custom Theme Pack from Visix’s award-winning creative team to populate messages and layouts that are unique to Safelite, and reflect the company’s identity and brand standards. Visix won the contract over competitive suppliers due to ease of use, price point, software capabilities and network features. Scalability has proven valuable as well; a potential third phase, now under consideration, would expand the network to 70 warehouse locations.

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