We’re 40 and Fabulous

We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with new products, branded swag and free services to commemorate four decades of achievements and milestones.

We’ve put together a gift box of special anniversary swag for anyone who receives a demo of our software or room signs between now and November 30. One participant will be selected at random to receive a prize package that includes a $250 AMEX gift card and the winner’s choice of $1000 worth of Visix services.

Our mission is to help people communicate better. And with our latest digital signage and room sign products, we’re continuing to evolve both the user and viewer experience.

Thank you to all of our employees, partners and clients who’ve made it possible for us to thrive and grow since 1980. We’re looking forward to the next 40 years!

Visix 40th Anniversary Swag Box

* Our 40th anniversary swag box includes a special anniversary t-shirt, Totes umbrella, coasters, pins, stickers and pen. Be sure to contact us on this page to be eligible for the swag box and prize drawing.

Missing Trade Shows this Summer?

No problem. We’re happy to give you the full demo experience online to answer any questions you have.

Make Any Display Interactive

AxisTV Signage Suite | Voice Recognizer Widget

Our digital signage software has a new Voice Recognizer Widget that turns any screen into a hands-free interactive sign. Viewers can walk up to any display, ask for the material they want, and then immediately see that content on screen.

  • No touchscreen, internet connection or programming required
  • Quickly build layouts for single screens or videos walls with our drag-n-drop widget
  • Easily map spoken keywords and phrases to content on screen
  • Uses built-in speech recognition engine for Windows 10
  • No additional fees – included in our software

AxisTV Signage Suite users simply design the various content options, employ the VRW, enter speech triggers, and configure those triggers to launch the appropriate content. Keywords can launch different slides within a layout, or simply hide or show things on the same slide.

Need some help? Our award-winning creative team can design VRW layouts for you, or build custom-programmed solutions that support cloud-based, natural language platforms.

* Visix does not sell displays or microphones, but we can recommend local integration partners who can suggest microphone models and placement for your environment.

Go Big or Go Home

EPS 125 12.5″ E Ink Room Sign

Our new EPS 125 is the largest electronic paper display available for room sign applications. With a resolution of 1304 x 984 pixels, it’s twice as big as most e-paper room signs on the market. The large, anti-reflective screen offers high visibility and contrast, and a 180° viewing angle.

  • Show schedules from Exchange, Office 365, EMS and more
  • Include graphics, shapes, logos and QR codes in black, white and red ink
  • Wireless, battery-powered and easy to mount on any surface
  • Use in portrait or landscape orientation
  • White, black or custom frames with raised room numbers, braille and custom graphics

The signs receive data via RF signal, and batteries are only tapped when the screen changes. Because the signs only weigh one pound, they’re easy to mount on walls and glass outside shared spaces, or on cubicles used for office hoteling.

Get in Touch with Your Meetings

Touch Interactive Room Signs

Our Touch meeting room signs are the most customizable interactive room sign on the market.

  • Show schedules from most popular calendar apps
  • Bidirectional booking support for Exchange and Office 365
  • Customize every element of on-screen playback and booking features
  • Extensive data playback options
  • Minimize germs with voice-activated interactivity and antimicrobial screen protectors
  • Get customized faceplates

Users can tailor logos, fonts, colors, backgrounds, interactive buttons, spacing and placement of screen elements, as well as selecting and formatting schedule data. The signs can also be wrapped with custom faceplates to match organizational branding or environmental décor.

Talk to the Room Sign

Voice Activated Room Signs

Because our Touch room signs are powered by AxisTV Signage Suite, you can use our Voice Recognizer Widget to let viewers talk to the room sign instead of touching it.

  • No touchscreen, internet connection or programming required
  • Easy drag-n-drop widget to build room sign layouts
  • Quickly map spoken keywords and phrases to content on room signs
  • Uses built-in speech recognition engine for Windows 10
  • No additional fees – included in our software

In addition to asking to see room schedules and other content, users can also notify facility managers when a room needs to be cleaned or restocked with items like hand sanitizer.

We’ve Got Germs Covered

Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

Our antimicrobial screen protectors for Touch and Connect interactive meeting room signs are made from a thin film that reduces germ transmission by up to 99%, as well as reducing glare and fingerprints.

  • Reduce germ transmission by up to 99%
  • Cut down on UVB glare and fingerprints
  • Easy to install, remove and replace
  • Easy to clean

The screen protectors can be cleaned with solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol and other disinfectants to further eliminate germs, without diminishing their antimicrobial properties.

Manage Shared Spaces Better

Connect Room Signs v.3.14

Our latest software release for Connect meeting room signs has more analytics and reporting features, and a streamlined, more professional user experience. 

  • Show schedules and use bidirectional booking for Exchange, Office 365, EMS and other popular apps
  • Supports JSON and XML calendar types
  • Start, extend, end and cancel meetings at the sign (PIN optional)
  • Group signs or publish to individual units
  • Find available rooms, see in-room resources and report issues on screen
  • Use device management and analytics to better manage your spaces
  • Minimize germs with antimicrobial screen protectors

Connect is a stand-alone room management solution that doesn’t require our CMS, and the new release makes using the room signs faster, easier, and more reliable and secure for a vastly-improved user experience.

Small But Mighty

Digital Signage Players

You can configure our applications on your own hardware, or we offer a range of players with our software running on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as an integrated product.

  • Go wireless with our Nano that’s just 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″
  • Bring content to life with our compact 4K and HDn players
  • Maximize impact with 4, 6, 8 and 12-output players for video walls and multi-screen configurations

All of our players have built-in security, including Windows Firewall, to ensure your data is protected at all times.

Nano Digital Signage Player is only 2.75 inches square