Top 7 Benefits of Bank Digital Signs

Bank digital signs let you to show a vast amount of information in an accessible, convenient format. It allows you to engage customers by delivering data in real-time, while reducing the burden on your staff – all while reinforcing your brand.


Digital signage in bank branches give you a modern visual medium to deliver promotions and messaging to your customers. Using large screens, video walls and touchscreens can give your branch a digital footprint, and mimic the online experience for customers. It also lets them get their general information from screens, while engaging your staff for more in-depth, high-touch conversations.


Your brand the most important asset you have in the highly-competitive financial industry. Use digital signs to reinforce your identity, mission and differentiators. You can also build loyalty and trust with rewards programs and financial transparency on screens. Anything you put on your website or social media channels can also go on your digital signs.


If your clients don’t know about a product, they can’t take advantage of it. Advertise your products and services with dynamic messages, media and campaigns on screens. Capture attention and build interest with promotions on screens, and prompt viewers to ask for more information from your representatives. You can localize your content to specific branches and run limited-time offers.


Keep branch visitors engaged while they’re waiting in queues. Whether it’s advertising, streaming news channels or investment tips on screen, your audience will be entertained instead of bored, and their wait will seem to pass much more quickly. You can also reduce actual wait times by providing basic info on screens, so your tellers don’t have to spend time answering FAQs.


Your content management system has lots of tools to take the burden off digital signage managers. Use playlists that auto-rotate through messages on a schedule you can set far in advance. Choose what days and times to show something, and when to retire it. Data integration and content subscriptions can automatically feed info to screens without your managers having to do a thing.


Employee engagement is the most important element for productivity, retention, customer ratings and profitability. Digital signs let you deliver more communications, more often, in a more popular format than email or print. Show progress to goals, recognize achievement, encourage professional development and keep everyone on the same page with vibrant visual communications for staff.


With environmental concerns topping the list of many polls, it’s smart to bring your bank in line with modern expectations. Digital signage eliminates the need for expensive pamphlets and posters. This gives you a greener, more economical solution for your advertising initiatives. By replacing printed materials, you can reduce paper and waste, as well as graphic design fees.

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Download the free infographic: Top 7 Benefits of Bank Digital Signage

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