Going Digital? 8 Questions to Ask Your Clients

Experiential graphic designers and AV integrators know that environments are moving more toward digital every day. As you talk about digital signage with your clients, you’ll need to establish a base before bringing in hardware and software vendors. Just like standard signage, digital signs have to serve a well-defined purpose – it could be wayfinding, messages, alerts, donor recognition or other visual communications.

Why do they want digital signs? Who is their audience? Who will manage the system? What about the visitor experience? Like all good design, digital signage starts with study and a defined scope so that clients and vendors both work toward the same goals.

Need some advice on how to talk to clients about digital signage? We can help. Read below for the 8 questions that experiential graphic designers need to ask clients to start the digital conversation:

  1. Why do you want digital signage?
  2. What does your audience need?
  3. Who will own the system?
  4. What kind of content do you want to show?
  5. Would interactive improve the visitor experience?
  6. Do you need help managing meeting spaces?
  7. Do you have a budget in mind?
  8. Do you have an AV/IT integration partner?
Free infographic for experiential graphic designers: Going Digital? 8 Questions to Ask Your Clients

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