Employee Engagement – By The Numbers

According to a Gallup poll, 70 percent of U.S. workers don’t feel engaged, and that can lead to problems in your organization. If employees don’t feel engaged, they don’t feel part of the process, and they’ll be less motivated and satisfied at work. However, the same poll indicates that employee engagement through effective communications drives a variety of benefits for both employees and employers. With better messaging and outreach, you can help your teams feel included, effective and loyal to your organization. All of that translates into a better workplace and bottom-line results:

21% Higher productivity

Companies that invest in employee engagement see productivity increase. The report shows that engaged employees have more energy, less stress and actually smile more than disengaged employees.

10% Less shrinkage

Actively disengaged employees are more likely to damage the company. This damage comes in the form of shrinkage (or theft), missing work days, contributing to more quality defects and quitting at a higher rate.

22% Increased profitability

Engagement is strongly connected to overall business success, including profitability. Over a five-year period, companies ranked as “highly effective communicators” had a 47% higher return to shareholders.

10% Higher customer ratings

When front office workers are actively disengaged they pass negativity off to the customers that interact with your business.

Up to 65% lower turnover

Organizations with high numbers of disengaged employees experience increased turnover. Replacing employees costs your business time and money.

48% Fewer safety incidents

Employees that are not engaged have little concern with company safety protocol. This can result in on-site incidents and headaches for the company.

41% Lower quality defects

Avoid poor quality of work and product defects by engaging the staff. Profitability, productivity and customer ratings will increase as a result.

37% Less absenteeism

Engaged employees are more likely to come to work than disengaged employees, affecting productivity and your company’s bottom line.

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